The best traffic sources for nutra offers



The best traffic sources for nutra offers

If you decide to earn for yourself by arbitrage, pouring into nutra offers, you can monetize almost any niche. The main thing is to navigate the topic, know the approach to the target audience and pay maximum attention to choosing a relevant source for GEO.

We suggest that you consider key sources for such offers, which for a long period do not leave the TOPs and bring quite a good profit to many webs and arbitrators.

What’s up with the assortment, dude?😎

Nutra is mainly biologically active food additives, vitamins and their complexes, creams and gels. The most common, and those that are always in demand, are traditionally considered slimming products, sprays and ointments against fungus, and preparations for joints.

Almost all traffic sources allowed by the advertiser are suitable for such offers. However, the most profitable advertising platforms are considered to be teaser networks, TikTok, Facebook and Google. Let’s analyze each of these sources in more detail.

Teaser networks

The oldest and budget source of traffic. Teasers use a classic approach that will always be relevant: evoking emotions with the help of a bright picture and a clickbait title.

Promoting guts through teaser ads is a classic arbitrage. Such announcements instantly affect the feelings of the user, like the Ukrainian “Neptune” to the cruiser “Moscow”, promising a quick release from the problem. Without much effort and expense.

Texts with intrigue and shock content fit perfectly in teaser ads. You can use both static images and GIFs. Typically, teaser networks lack moderation and vertical restrictions. So you can publish ads without any problems.

The audience of teaser advertising is quite wide. However, as a rule, this is the older generation from the 40+ category. Older people are more likely to click on ads with loud headlines. And also more often they order similar remedies, for example, for psoriasis or joint pain.

What are the advantages of teaser advertising:

  • the cheapest traffic;
  • simple settings;
  • lack of strict moderation;
  • high conversion rates.

However, there are also disadvantages:

  • lots of bots;
  • a few target settings;
  • lower click-to-purchase conversion compared to landing conversions.

It is worth resorting to work with teasers when the offer is designed for a wide audience. Some believe that teasers have long since become ineffective. However, many arbitrators continue to use them successfully.


Social media is an effective way to get leads in the intravertical. Here you can find target audiences from almost any corner of the world where there is an Internet connection.

Facebook includes people from America, Asia, Europe and Africa.

Advantages of FB:

  • lots of targeting options;
  • solvent target audience;
  • convenient statistics and analytics of conducted campaigns;
  • huge traffic and wide GEO range.


  • strict moderation;
  • inconvenient interface of the social network itself;
  • the need to use the cloaca in gray offers.

But the main advantage is competition. After all, not every arbitrator will dare to choose such a path.


Great for insides. However, here you will have to test a lot of different approaches and often change creatives. They do not live long in TikTok.

Native advertising works well. For example, a product mention or a visual demonstration. Also, the audience responds well to fresh and unfrequented offers. If the product has just entered the market, TikTok will allow you to squeeze the most out of it.

The main target audience of the platform is young people aged 18 to 34. Mostly women.

There are several types of advertisements:

  • In-feed Native Video. Videos lasting 5-60 seconds. Shown in feed.
  • TopView. The video is no longer than 60 seconds. Plays immediately after the user opens the application.
  • Hashtag Challenge. A special format used by TikTok. This is a brand-launched challenge. The user has to shoot a thematic video and publish it to himself, using the hashtag of the company. The banner of the brand that started the challenge will appear in the search along with the hashtag;
  • Brand Takeover. It is also shown when entering the application. Includes two different formats: a 3-second image or a 3- to 5-second video.

It is desirable to pour some offers through the cloaca. For example, weight loss products. All because TikTok does not like this and considers it dangerous. At the same time, even when using the cloaca, you should not emphasize loud calls for drastic weight loss. Such an account will easily get banned forever. Unfounded promises and guarantees of results cannot be used either.

Google contextual advertising

You can also get a lot of traffic here.

There are two main types of advertising: website banners and search.

For nutra, it is more profitable to choose the context on the site, since such banners give a good conversion. The audience interacts well with them.

The main advantage of the context is that the system will automatically select a relevant platform for advertising. Algorithms in such systems learn quickly and determine optimal options well.

However, it is important to remember that adult offers and thoughts cannot be advertised in this source.

How to choose an offer and source

When choosing an offer, you should consider the following parameters:

  • Subject. It is better to work with the one you are familiar with and in which you are more or less oriented.
    Topicality. Not all offers are relevant and in demand. This needs to be checked. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct A/B testing before launching a campaign. This will give an exemplary understanding of how much profit advertising will bring.
    Season. Some offers are in demand in certain seasons. And in order to squeeze out the maximum, you need to try to get into the stream. So, remedies for psoriasis and fungus are most in demand in the summer, when people wear open clothes and shoes. Varicose veins drugs also work well in the summer. As for weight loss products, they should be promoted in the spring – when people think about preparing their bodies for summer. There are also products out of season. For example, drugs for hypertension.
    Geography. The cost of the advertising campaign partly depends on this. For example, it is important to keep in mind that Tier 1 and Tier 2 have a lot of competition and a high cost to lead. It will also not be superfluous to estimate the volume of CA by the selected GEO. This will allow you to roughly determine how much you can earn.
    Quality of landings. All efforts can be in vain if a person clicks on an advertisement and sees in front of him a site that takes a long time to load or a bad landing page with suspicious content.
    Trends. It is important to keep track of what is currently trending and in demand. Fresh offers often give good reviews and excellent profits.

You can see what they are doing now in spy services. This reduces the risk of falling for an already squeezed offer that the audience is bored with.

Having decided on the offer, you need to see which traffic sources are allowed by the advertiser. And also which source is better for this or that GEO.

Some tips for a good ending

When working with the inside, it is worth taking into account some nuances:

  • You need to experiment with different GEOs. The field of health/beauty is prone to trends. So there is a chance to find a country where a day ago you would not have even thought of spinning offers.
  • It is important to choose proven partners. It is better to give preference to old-timers who have been working in the market for many years.
  • If you are new to this business, it is better to start working with the guts from Tier 3. And only after gaining experience, move to a more paying audience from Tier 1 and 2. By the way, about the nature of CA: in Tier 1 and 2 countries, it is better to select offers calculated on conservative people of age, and in Tier 3 regions – to look in the direction of young people.

CPADOK has described the most popular sources for nutra. Only you decide what to give preference to. The main thing is to conduct various tests qualitatively, as well as to look for the most effective connections. In addition, it is worth remembering that the field of beauty and health is a universal field. Therefore, almost everything can be profited here.



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