Facebook traffic arbitrage: a step-by-step guide for beginners

Facebook is quite a complex social network in terms of traffic generation. Arbitrage here is another matter: there are many strict rules and requirements for ads, frequent account bans and the need to sweat a thousand times while working not only with gray but also with white offers. However, the effort is worth it.

So, should you work with Facebook?

Facebook has its advantages:

  • many target setting variables;
  • active audience of over 1.8 billion;
  • mostly paying audience;
  • low entry threshold when working with white offers.

However, there are significant nuances:

  • strict moderation (one of the strictest among many advertising platforms);
  • complex non-intuitive interface;
  • frequent bans without explaining the reasons and without the possibility of restoring the profile;
  • technical support is not very responsive;
  • billing limits during campaign launch.

Regarding the last point: the budget limit depends on the social network’s trust in the account. Usually, a webmaster can spend $50, $100 or $250 from one account per day. Limits also depend on GEO.

Facebook audience

Facebook’s users are one of the main advantages of this social network.

Currently, more than 2.9 billion people are registered here. About 1.9 billion people visit the social network every day, and more and more new users are registered every day.

So, here you can find CA for any offer. The main thing is to be able to interest.

How to promote on Facebook

There are two approaches: promoting offers for free (conditionally) or for a fee.

In the first case, we are talking about content marketing. There is no need for large cash infusions, but you will have to spend a lot of time and be patient. But it is worth remembering that the result can be obtained at all.

It is much faster and more efficient to advance in a paid way. You can achieve results from the first time.

Here are the most popular and proven methods to get traffic on Facebook:

  • Targeted advertising through Facebook Ads. There are many users. The audience is diverse. Algorithms of the social network collect data about the user every time he enters the site. This makes it possible to set up the target as accurately and in detail as possible: by age/gender, region, types of devices, interests, etc. However, if the setting is too narrow, the cost per click will be high.

  • Community or group promotion. This can be done almost for free. It is only necessary to constantly add new and interesting content to the community. Not forgetting to interact with the audience. This brings in organic traffic and works well in the long run. The only thing is that this method is not suitable for “gray” offers.
  • Advertising with bloggers and seeding (spam) in communities. The main thing is to choose resources with many subscribers.

These are the main methods of promotion.

What offers to choose

What niches do FB users respond to:

  • nutra;
  • product offers and sweepstakes;
  • financial offers and cryptocurrency;
  • dating;
  • gambling and betting;
  • gaming;
  • adult.

You can promote almost anything successfully. The main thing is to pass moderation. Yes, promoting gambling, crypto and adult is becoming more and more difficult every year.

For reference: The average Facebook user clicks on advertisements 11 times a month. Women do it more often – 14 clicks against men’s 10. More than 44% of users noted that Facebook advertising influences their purchase decision. About 26% of users who clicked on the teaser said they purchased a product or service.

What is needed to work with traffic

Facebook rightfully has a reputation as one of the most difficult sources of traffic. It is necessary not only to be able to bypass moderation, but also to have a fairly large budget.

To start working with traffic from Facebook, you will need:

  • A pumped-up account with a well-configured advertising cabinet. You can buy ready-made. The cost is from 10 cents to several hundred dollars.
  • Business Manager. With a good reputation and no bans for violating advertising requirements. Price depends on profile verification. It can range from $10 to several thousand dollars.
  • A pumped-up fan page. It is often possible to buy together with an account. This is a page that helps promote a business profile or products/services. Without it, it will not be possible to launch the campaign.
  • Mobile proxies of the country to which the profile is registered. The cost can be 1-30 USD.
  • Antidetect browser. The cost is about 150 dollars per month, but there are also free options and with a test number of free profiles.
  • Tracker for collecting statistics. And also for cloaking (for gray offers) and split testing. The cost is about 80 dollars per month.
  • Promotional materials. Creatives, landing and pre-lending.
  • Advertising budget. In pre-war times, at the beginning of 2022, the average cost of a click was 0.30-0.50 dollars.

In order for an advertisement to pass through moderation, the profile must be as similar as possible to the page of a real person. Was correctly registered, did not violate the rules of the social network, and was constantly updated.

Experienced arbitrators advise spending a minimum budget on the first advertisement. So the system sees that you are an ordinary user of a social network, and not a webmaster who seeks to earn more from the first launch of an advertising campaign.

Types of FB accounts

The type of account from which the withdrawal is made is quite important. There are four key types of profiles:

Autoregs (self-reg or fresh reg). The simplest and most affordable option. In this case, it is necessary to register manually after purchasing a sim card, virtual number or proxy. After that, the profile needs to be created – to demonstrate to the system that the page was created for communication, and not for earning.
Rented. Real profiles of people who give temporary use for one or another amount.
Bruts. Hacked profiles. The price starts from 1 dollar.
Logs. Almost the same as brutes. However, there is a slight difference. When buying a gross, you only get a login and password from the page. But cookies are needed to launch ads and avoid suspicion from moderators. In order not to run into the need to confirm the identity, it is advisable to configure the GEO proxy where the profile was registered. When buying logs, proxies and cookies are already included. The average cost of a log is from 10 to 30 dollars.
ATAB-accounts. Profiles that have passed the ban on advertising. Such accounts are protected from re-blocking. Of course, if you constantly violate the rules, your account may be blocked. However, this happens very rarely.

Next – about formats.

Ads formats

Facebook has a variety of advertising formats, which can be used for placement purposes.

Main axis:

  • Advertising from images. Standard option. Text from images.

  • Video. Short videos. This format attracts the user’s attention almost immediately, unlike static advertising.

  • Ads with ring gallery. In this case, you can use up to 10 photos or videos. There is a separate link under each. It works perfectly in a store where you need to show the user a rich assortment.

  • Instant Experience. Full screen advertising. For mobile devices.
  • Advertising with a selection of products. You can add a whole group of products. Clicking on one of them will take the user to the Instant Experience or FB page.

The first two are the most popular.

Why can a profile be blocked?

Bans are one of the main problems in arbitration. Especially in gray subjects. And especially on Facebook.

There are two key reasons for bans on Facebook:

  • Suspicious profile activity;
  • Advertising activity that violates the rules.

Suspicious actions of a webmaster almost always and quite quickly attract the attention of moderators.

As a rule, in such cases, the arbitrator does not follow the rules of the social network and ignores the requirements of the advertising promotion policy. At the same time, blocking algorithms are regularly updated and improved. So you have to create new profiles.

Here’s how to prevent a ban:

  • Apply pumped advertising cabinets with high trust and normal history.
  • Work with heated profiles.
  • Or not to violate the rules of the social network.

Facebook is a huge platform that is constantly developing and working on algorithms. Here you can interact with huge volumes of traffic. If you approach the process competently and with full responsibility, the costs will pay off many times over.

Especially considering that Facebook users are on average more solvent than the audience of, for example, TikTok. So the payouts on this site are bigger.

However, if you are new to arbitrage, don’t chase the high stakes. It is better to go to better indicators gradually. And also don’t forget to make high-quality creatives and regularly test different connections.



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