About us

CPADOK is a Ukrainian-centric online media about earning in digital and affiliate, created for the civilized part of the world (sorry, russians).

Here you will find relevant guides and tutorials, case studies, interviews and answers to questions about:

  • traffic arbitrage and SEO
  • electronic commerce
  • crypto projects and trading
  • Web 3.0 and metaverses
  • software and application development
  • web design… and much more from the digital world.

What is the purpose?

The creation of a truly valuable legacy and community that will inspire Ukrainians of any age to new achievements with successful (and unsuccessful) examples and warn against mistakes, and the experts engaged by us will suggest new ways that will help overcome the next peak in improvement, while not losing the thirst for new knowledge.

We want to live in a country where people do not just do their own thing, but develop, set goals and diligently achieve them, knowing that nothing is impossible for the Ukrainian nation and it is aimed purely at creation.

What about values?

  • The maximum return to the work we do

The main emphasis is always on quality. What’s more, even if someone quietly “tweaks” and cribs our ideas, we are not supporters of counting chickens before they are batched in test mode🔥😉. No materials for “dumping”. We create every effort to make it not only useful, but also interesting.

  • Deoccupation with Ukrainian-language content

Helping the Ukrainian community to deoccupy the rest of the information space, providing practical tools to achieve the desired results.

  • Respect

We profess exactly this attitude towards the audience and partners.

We know our readers, we see what they are really interested in, and constantly improve the content so that it brings even more benefit. We do not make unsubstantiated claims about the “best” media in the field with “guaranteed” thousands of views. Our readers will say it best for us.

  • Improvement

Considering the dynamic development of the industries we write about, the Cpadok.media team does not waste time and does not limit itself to one or three, always looking for something new and interesting for the reader.

Join the legacy of Ukrainian and international affiliate marketing, IT and everything you can earn in digital. And never be afraid to experiment for yourself, ancestors and descendants.

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