Terra Leads direct advertiser and affiliate network: private offers, many tools, own call centers and production

Terra Leads is an affiliate network, a direct advertiser in the vertical of gut offers. The network was founded by Ukrainians and has been successfully operating in the affiliate market since 2017, giving its partners the opportunity to earn money on offers in the beauty and health and diet categories.

What is Terra Leads and what offers to partners

The Terra Leads affiliate network is a direct advertiser with many in-house offers and has its own production facilities and a multi-geo call center.

Terra Leads, огляд, відгуки та опис партнерки

For arbitrage teams and solos that work with large volumes of traffic, the affiliate’s team is ready to develop a private offer in just a month, having tested several product options in advance. The R&D department will draw packaging options, test them (websites can also test conversion themselves), and identify the option with the highest conversion rates. Moreover, Terra Leads will release, register, and deliver the product to the necessary geos, opening access to the offer only to the webmaster or team for whom the product was developed.

The affiliate program provides access to more than 3,000 offers worldwide. It also offers a large number of tools designed to facilitate arbitrageurs’ work and increase ROI:

  • CRM of our own design;
  • АPI;

Terra Leads, огляд, відгуки та опис партнерки

  • Domain binding;

Terra Leads, огляд, відгуки та опис партнерки

  • Built-in tracker of our own design, through which you can implement postbacks/UTM tags and pixels, tracking all statistics in your personal account on the Terra Leads platform;

Terra Leads, огляд, відгуки та опис партнерки

  • Own service for checking domain bans on Facebook.

Terra Leads, огляд, відгуки та опис партнерки

Individual managers respond quickly and will be happy to advise you on which offers and geos you should be investing in right now and help you resolve certain technical issues.

Geo and payment models

The affiliate network includes offers aimed at the audience in Europe, Latin America, Central and Middle Asia, and Oceania. Also, new offers are regularly added, and new promising geographies are discovered.

TerraLeads is dominated by offers that are paid on the CPA model. However, there are also quite interesting SS offers with favorable conditions for arbitrageurs.

Where does Terra Leads receive traffic from?

Terra Leads affiliate network and direct advertiser usually accepts traffic from the following sources: SEO, Facebook, Native Ads, Google Ads. Nevertheless, if the arbitration team or solo webmaster has expertise and knowledge of other sources, such traffic is also accepted, but by prior arrangement. Therefore, you should write to your personal manager via Telegram, Skype, e-mail, or create a ticket through your personal account on the affiliate network platform.

In case of detection of attempts to pour fraud and motivated traffic, partnerships with such webmasters and arbitrageurs are terminated, and access to the personal account is blocked.

Terra Leads, огляд, відгуки та опис партнерки

Registration, personal account and offers

To register on the Terra Leads platform, fill out a short form with your email, password, and contacts.

Terra Leads, огляд, відгуки та опис партнерки

After submitting the completed form, the registration procedure is completed by clicking on the link sent by e-mail.

The main page of the webmaster’s personal account is the Dashboard tab, which contains up-to-date statistics on all advertising campaigns, a list of top inside and white hat campaigns, recently added offers, and news. The graph shows general statistics of leads and confirmed applications for a certain period (day, week, month).

Terra Leads, огляд, відгуки та опис партнерки

The contact details of the personal manager are also available here.

Information about leads can be tracked using convenient filters in the Leads tab. All reports can be exported in .csv format.

Terra Leads, огляд, відгуки та опис партнерки

The most detailed statistics are displayed in the built-in CRM system in the “Statistics” section.

Terra Leads, огляд, відгуки та опис партнерки

You can select data by the following parameters:

  • Offer;
  • Country;
  • Geo;
  • Stream;
  • Landing;
  • Pre-landing;
  • Offer type;
  • Product category;
  • Availability of UTM tags.

Terra Leads, огляд, відгуки та опис партнерки

You can create and view the list of streams in the Streams tab.


The full list of offers for which the affiliate offers to attract traffic is given in the tab of the same name. Using a convenient filter system, affiliates can find a relevant offer in a short time.

If an offer for a specific geo is not yet available in the affiliate network, Terra Leads can develop and deliver a private offer with the highest conversion rate to the selected region at the request of the webmaster or team.

Each offer card contains all the information you need to work with it. The offer description contains:

  • the price for the product on the landing page;
  • the amount of the arbitrator’s commission;
  • a list of prohibited traffic sources;
  • information about the age and gender of the target audience;
  • recommendations for targeting;
  • landing pages/pre-landing pages;
  • current news about the offer.

You can also create a new flow directly in the offer card.

At the time of writing, the most popular offers from the Health and Beauty category on Terra Leads were almost all-season in-house offers:

The highest conversion and repurchase rates are observed in Italy (79%), Greece (73%), and Croatia (75%).

The best applause in such geos as: Italy (67%), Hungary (67%), Czech Republic (65%).

The highest percentage of approved applications is in Italy (65%), Romania (71%) and Spain (65%).

Special offers

In addition to developing personalized offers, Terra Leads has prepared special offers for its partners in the form of discounts on the use of paid traffic tools, such as trackers, ad networks, spy services, etc.

TerraStore: Gift shop

By driving traffic to certain offers, partners receive not only commission payments, but also Terra Leads’ internal currency, T-coins, which can be exchanged for one of the valuable gifts or donated to charity and support for Ukraine. The more leads you get, the more T-coins you get.

The partner is also currently running a campaign aimed at raising funds for Ukraine – Cash Rally. As part of the campaign, partners pour traffic and receive a certain number of promotional coins for each upsell. Every month and based on the annual results, winners will be determined and receive from $2 000 to $25 000. The total prize pool is over $250,000. These funds can also be transferred to the needs of Ukrainians.

The rules are simple:

  • You drive traffic to promotional offers and receive 1 RaceCoin (*marathon coins) for each upvote;
  • For every 100 coins, you buy lottery tickets that give you the right to participate in the draw by the first day of each month;
  • At the end of each month, prizes are drawn among RaceTicket holders: $2,000 + 1 pass to the marathon final (3rd place), $3,000 + 2 passes (2nd place), $5,000 + 3 passes (1st place). Other participants of the monthly lottery will receive cool and necessary gifts.
  • If you become one of the finalists, you will participate in the race for the super prize of $100,000 at the end of the Cash Rally.

Moreover, the first three participants or teams that become the leaders in traffic volume at the end of the year will receive a guaranteed prize outside the general fund: $10,000 + 3 passes to the marathon final (3rd place), $15,000 + 4 passes (2nd place), $25,000 + 5 passes (1st place).

How to withdraw funds from Terra Leads

Payments in the affiliate network are calculated in US dollars and made at the request of the partner. The hold is valid only for new webmasters.

Withdrawals can be made by bank transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, Webmoney, and cryptocurrency.

What is the minimum payout for TerraLeads?

The minimum payout amount of earned money in the Terra Leads affiliate network is only $100.

Terra Leads – reviews and conclusion

The Terra Leads affiliate network has been operating in the affiliate marketing market for 5+ years and is a reliable direct advertiser in the niche of no-frills offers. The availability of own production facilities, call centers, and logistics lines in most popular and profitable geos makes it possible to provide webmasters and media buyers with some of the best conditions on the market.

The affiliate provides all the necessary tools and discounts on top software from third-party services for traffic management. In addition, webmasters can donate to help Ukraine, and the Terra Leads team will make the necessary purchases and deliver them to those who need them.

95% of all online reviews about arbitrageurs’ cooperation with this partner are positive. So don’t hesitate – sign up, drive traffic to your gut worldwide and get some of the best rates on the market.

You can find information about new offers, changes in terms, and useful publications on Terra Leads social media:




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