Review of the iGaming affiliate network TheAFF: 100+ offers and free mobile applications

Over the past few years, the gambling vertical has been of interest to most webmasters and arbitrage specialists due to high offer rates and simple and straightforward approaches. Moreover, there is a target audience for gambling offers in any traffic source. However, it is much easier to start working with this niche by driving traffic to an affiliate network that offers round-the-clock expert support for its partners, mobile applications from its own development team, in-house offers, payouts on demand, and many other «goodies» in addition to many offers. Today we will introduce you to such a network that specializes exclusively in iGaming. And this is TheAFF.

Огляд iGaming-партнерки TheAFF: Більше 100 офферів та готові мобільні застосунки

TheAFF is a Ukrainian network that operated privately for some time, but is now open to everyone. In a relatively short period of time (more than a year), numerous top teams have started and continue to cooperate with the partner. Registration on the platform is quick and easy. But more on this later – we will analyze it in sequence.

What is interesting about TheAFF affiliate program

The first thing you should pay attention to is the variety and large number of exclusive offers. In total, the affiliate program has more than 100 CPA offers tailored to 50+ geographies, including Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

Огляд iGaming-партнерки TheAFF: Більше 100 офферів та готові мобільні застосунки

Another interesting thing for many websites will be a ready-made solution for finding mobile applications to drive traffic. The affiliate has its own development of Android applications that can be rented or used to work with the offers presented in TheAFF.

In addition to mobile applications, the affiliate also provides access to ready-made landing pages for each offer.

Friendly managers of the affiliate program respond around the clock and are always ready to help with any questions regarding the offer, creatives, bids, traffic quality, etc. You can withdraw the earned funds on request within three days. Moreover, if an affiliate has successfully worked with an offer that is not yet on TheAFF list, the team will launch it within 1–2 days. The availability of in-house products also testifies to the reliability of the affiliate.

What sources does the affiliate network receive traffic from  

There are no restrictions on traffic sources in the affiliate program. Traffic from such sources as: Facebook through applications, PPC, UAC, ASO, TikTok, Streams, schemes (discussed if there is real statistics), E-mail newsletters.

The only exceptions are motivated and fraudulent traffic, as well as the traffic that is specified in the card of a particular offer as prohibited.

So, what about offers?

As mentioned earlier, at the time of writing this review article, TheAFF offers its partners a huge selection of more than 100 verified offers, but CPADOK.media editorial team paid special attention to two in-house offers and several other offers. Let’s analyze each of them in more detail.

Zoome Casino (in-house)

Traffic to the offer can be attracted from Facebook, TikTok, Unity Ads, UAC, YouTube, and PPC. The offer is customized for eight popular but not simple geos. Therefore, the payout is very pleasant. Depending on the geo, the rate for the minimum first deposit (€20) varies from $30 to €175. The test cap is only 15 FTD.

The offer includes eight landing page options with redirects to the main page, a wheel of fortune with bonuses, and a short registration form.

NangKwak99 (in-house)

An offer created exclusively for outreach in geo Thailand. Allowed sources: Facebook, TikTok, Unity Ads, UAC, Email, Push. The payout amount is $20 with a minimum deposit of 100 baht. Test cap: 20 FTD. There is also a two-week hold. There are two landing pages with the transition to the main page and the registration form.


Traffic sources: Facebook, UAC, ASO, PPC, TikTok. Relevant geos: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Brazil, Slovenia. The payout amount varies from €32 to €190 depending on the country and the grade.

The minimum deposit is €10 for Australia, Canada, and New Zealand and €6 for Brazil. Test spill: 20 FTD (Australia, New Zealand, Canada) and 50 FTD (Brazil). The hold is two weeks.

The advertiser also stipulates certain conditions, including:

  • 50% or more of players must make a second deposit;
  • The players’ turnover must be at least x3 of the deposit amount, and the payback for the first month must be at least 25%;
  • Also, fraud, misdirection, and shares are not paid after a 30-day period from the date of the first deposit.

Dolly Casino

Nowadays, it is one of the top offers in the affiliate program, which gives a stable and high conversion rate.

Traffic to it can be attracted from Facebook, UAC, TikTok, and Unity Ads. As for geo, most of the representatives of the Tier-1 segment are gathered here. The payout amount depends on the geo and can range from €75 to €200. The test pip is 20 FTD, and the holding period is 14 days. Also, 11 landing pages have been added to the offer card.

Ile De Casino

TheAFF iGaming партнерка_Огляд та відгуки

A profitable mono-geo offer added to work exclusively with the French audience. The choice of traffic sources is much wider than in other offers. Facebook, UAC, FB for iOS, UAC for Android or separately for iOS, PPC, ASO (Android), ASO (iOS), SEO, in-app (Android), in-app (iOS), streamers. Depending on the type, the payout ranges from €65 to €260.

The test pip is from 20 to 25 FTD. The holding period is 7 days. The shares are taken into account within 30 days after the first deposit. There are three variants of landing pages.

In general, the pool of offers in the affiliate program is large and their top changes very quickly. That is why we advise you to write to your manager with a request to make a selection of the most relevant and profitable offers.

Signing up and personal partner account

Signing up in TheAFF affiliate network is easy and without unnecessary bureaucracy. Fill out a short form on the registration page, specifying your email, password, Telegram or Skype nickname, and preferred currency for payments.

After activating the created account via email, the partner gets access to the personal account on the affiliate’s website.

Unlike affiliate accounts that are built on off-the-shelf engines, thanks to the custom platform, the main page of the personal account is the Offers tab, which, in addition to the general list, contains a selection of offers that are currently the most profitable. Also, thanks to a convenient filter, you can sort offers by name, geo, category, traffic source, and conversion type.

The Statistics section provides information in both graphical and tabular form. It shows the number of hits, registrations, and deposits. A little further down the page, you can sort the data by offers, geo, date, individual landing pages or streams, etc. and see more detailed information on the number of registrations, first and repeat deposits, their amounts, percentage indicators for the host/reg, host/dep, reg/dep ratio, hold amount, etc. There is also a function to export reports in PDF format.

The Conversions tab provides information for analyzing conversions by the following parameters: ID, player registration date, conversion date, offer name, status, country, revenue, conversion type, and labels. It is also possible to filter statistics by certain parameters.

In the Flows section, you can track the statistics of individual flows.

In the Apps tab, you can choose the most relevant mobile app for your offer. In addition, here you can also see detailed statistics for each app, set up push notifications, and quickly and easily link the app to advertising accounts.

TheAFF - гемблінг та беттінг партнерка. Мобільні застосунки для арбітражу трафіку

In Tools, you can configure postbacks and quickly add your own domains.

TheAFF - огляд гемблінг та беттінг-партнерки. Інструменти для арбітражу трафіку

TheAFF - огляд гемблінг та беттінг-партнерки. Інструменти для арбітражу трафіку

In the Payments section, you can see a detailed history of transactions. You can also add a new payment instrument here.

TheAFF - Партнерка з гемблінг та беттінг офферами під будь-яке гео


Payments are made at the partner’s request within three days. Most offers provide for a 14-day hold, so reconciliations are carried out twice a month. Payment at the time of writing is made to

  • USDT wallet
  • Visa/MasterCard cards
  • Capitalist

If you order a payout for the first time, it may take additional time to check the quality of traffic.

Bottom line

TheAFF Ukrainian affiliate network is a worthy choice not only for those who are just starting to work with gambling but also for experienced arbitrage specialists, optimizers, and webmasters. A large selection of offers, a variety of geo and traffic sources, and friendly support will not leave you without profit. Moreover, the rates here are very competitive. Is this a bad reason to sign up and launch test ads?

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