How to build communication with advertisers correctly: Tips from media buying agency Improve Team



How to build communication with advertisers correctly: Tips from media buying agency Improve Team

Today in affiliate marketing effective communication with advertisers is a key element of success.

If you want to achieve high results and build mutually beneficial relationships, you should pay attention to the tips from the Improve Team media buying agency.

Як грамотно побудувати комунікацію з рекламодавцями - Поради Improve Team

Choosing a reliable advertiser or affiliate program

Choosing a good advertiser can be crucial for your business. Pay attention to peer reviews and the advertiser’s presence in the information space.

Appreciate the advertiser’s willingness to offer you exclusive terms of cooperation and readiness for mutually beneficial compromises. Ask about the regularity of payments right away.

It is important to assess the quality of the offer, including payment systems, website usability, and other technical components.

Questions for partners during the first contact

When you first contact an advertiser, it’s significant to ask the right questions.

Here are a few key aspects that you should pay attention to:

  • Clarify all traffic KPIs
  • Specify the amount of the minimum payment and the conditions for receiving it
    (it is often the case that you need to attract at least 20–30 players who will make FTDs to receive the first payout. If you attract fewer players, your money will be frozen forever. There is also a risk of not seeing any conversion at the level of 5-10 FTDs, which can lead to the loss of the advertising budget)
  • Ask about the possibility of increasing the payout after the test and transparent conditions
  • Clarify information about the holding period
  • Request conversion statistics for your traffic source.

Mistakes and problems of partnerships with advertisers

The worst mistake is that media buyers misrepresent themselves and their traffic as something they are not. You shouldn’t overestimate your strengths and skills, especially in terms of traffic volume, or change the agreed targets. This method can lead to problems. It is significant to strictly adhere to the conditions that were agreed upon at the beginning.

It is also necessary to agree on success criteria in advance, defining what will be considered a good result and what will not, to avoid unpleasant stories and communication breakdowns.

Як грамотно побудувати комунікацію з рекламодавцями - Поради від медіабаїнг агентства Improve Team

Tips for webmasters and support for transparent communication

It is important for a webmaster to always remain polite and open to communication. Do not hesitate to express your wishes and expectations.

Regular meetings or joint conferences on Zoom or Skype can significantly improve the quality of communication.

Agree on all terms of cooperation at the outset to avoid misunderstandings in the future. Transparency and openness in communication are key. It is critical to always speak openly about your requests or concerns.

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I wish you a successful launch of your advertising campaigns,

Nikita Petrenko, Improve Team



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